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Women’s Legal Centre is reliant on the invaluable contribution volunteers make in order to provide our vital services. Without volunteers, we would be unable to draw on the extensive base of skills and experience with which we provide quality legal assistance to women.

As a volunteer with Women’s Legal Service, your skills will make a positive difference to the many women who access our service. We will endeavour to make volunteering a positive and rewarding experience for you.

There are a number of volunteer positions that we offer:

  • Volunteer Solicitor
    Our Volunteer Solicitors provide legal advice to women in relation to family law matters. All solicitors must have a background in family law. Click here for position description and criteria for the role. We are continually recruiting for volunteer solicitors.
  • Volunteer Support Worker
    Our Volunteer Support Workers assist women to obtain legal advice, as well as providing information and advice, support and referral. After seeing a Volunteer Support Worker, the client will then see a Volunteer Solicitor for legal advice. Click here for position description and criteria for the role. Recruitment for volunteer support workers is currently CLOSED
  • Volunteer Administration Officer 
    Our Volunteer Administration Officers provide administrative and reception support one day per week (9am-5pm), with a minimum commitment of 6 months. Click here for position description and criteria for the role. We recruit for Volunteer Administration Officers on a 6-monthly basis. Recruitment for admin volunteers is currently CLOSED

The volunteer program operates two nights per week (Monday and Wednesday evenings) from 6.00pm – 8.00pm. The purpose of the program is to assist women who are seeking legal advice and support in relation to family law matters. A high proportion of women who access the service also experience domestic violence. These women book appointments for legal advice via our Helpline.

To find out more about volunteering at Women's Legal Service, contact our volunteer coordinator at [email protected].

Client testimonial

“To admit to yourself that you have been living in such a horrid environment is really difficult but it’s even harder to admit to another person the reality of your life. Women’s Legal Service handled what was an incredibly emotional and difficult time with such amazing support, care, empathy and absolutely no judgment.”