Property Settlement Road Map

What is a property settlement?

A property settlement is the legal term for the division of property at the end of a marriage or de facto relationship. You can come to an agreement about a property settlement at any time after separation. However if you cannot agree, an application to the court for a court ordered property settlement must be commenced within two years from the date of separation in a de facto relationship, or within 12 months from the date a divorce becomes final if you are married.

If you can afford to engage the services of a private solicitor, we strongly recommend you do. If you cannot afford a private solicitor, this guide provides some alternative options to finalise your property settlement and make the most of your budget.

The WLS Property Settlement Road Map covers the following:

  • Increasing your income
  • Become familiar with the legal process
  • Property arbitration
  • Family dispute resolution (mediation)
  • Deferred fee legal representation
  • Interim applications for litigation funding and spousal maintenance
  • Pre-action procedures and costs orders
  • Other considerations.