Court forms

Marriage, Families and Separation

If you are separated, or are considering separation, this brochure provides general information in relation to the effects of separation, the steps involved in Court proceedings and services provided to families by the Family Law Courts.

Application for Consent Orders

If you and your former spouse have reached agreement in relation to property or children’s matters and wish to obtain Court Orders, this kit can be used to apply for consent orders about:

  • the care, welfare and development of your children (known as parenting orders); and/or
  • the division of property or maintenance for a spouse or former spouse/de facto partner.

Application for Consent Orders Kit – Supplement

This supplement contains the set out for Consent Orders that are to be typed and filed with the Application for Consent Orders. This is a guide only.

Compulsory Family Dispute Resolution – Court Procedures and Requirements

This factsheet is for people who need information on the procedures and requirements for Compulsory Family Dispute Resolution in family law proceedings.  Family dispute resolution is a practical way for separating families to try to resolve any disagreements and make arrangements for the future without going to Court.

Before You File – Pre-action Procedures for Parenting Cases

This factsheet provides information for people considering applying to a court for parenting orders. It provides information about the pre-action procedures required before initiating Court proceedings.

Before You File – Pre-action Procedures for Financial Cases

This factsheet provides information for people considering applying to the Family Court for financial orders.

Duty of Disclosure

This factsheet provides information about the duty of disclosure responsibilities of parties in all cases, whether financial or parenting, in the Family Court.

Initiating Application Kit

If you and your former spouse cannot reach agreement in relation to property or children’s matter, and have been unsuccessful in undertaking pre-action procedures (see above), you can file an Initiating Application to bring the matter before the Court for determination. Click here for an Initiating Application Kit.


If you are filing an Initiating Application, you will also need to file an Affidavit.  An Affidavit states the history of the matter and facts you wish to rely upon. It is the main way to present evidence to the Court.

Preparing an Affidavit

This factsheet explains what an Affidavit is and how to write an Affidavit. 

Financial Statement Kit

If you are filing an Initiating Application in relation to property matters, you also need to file an Affidavit and a Financial Statement.  This Statement is used to set out your financial disclosure. Click here for a Financial Statement Kit.

Court Fees

This document sets out the fees for the Family Court of Australia and Federal Circuit Court of Australia.

Application for Divorce Kit

The only ground for divorce is that the marriage has broken down irretrievably. You must have been separated for at least 12 months.  The granting of a divorce does not decide issues about property and maintenance or parenting arrangements. The Application for Divorce Kit has instructions and explanations for filing for divorce. It includes an Application for Divorce Form.

Child Support Basics

This link provides general information on child support.

Application for a Protection Order

You can apply for a Domestic Violence Order yourself or get a police officer, solicitor or authorised person (friend, relative or community/welfare worker) to apply for you. Click here for an Application for a Protection Order.